2014 Old Settlers Days Festival - Sept 20th & 21st

The Old Settlers' Days Festival in Salem Indiana dates back to September 29th 1875. On that historic day in 1875 Washington County residents first came together to celebrate the lives and contributions of their pioneering forefathers. At the initial Old Settlers' Days many of the original Washington County settler's were grey haired and elderly but many spoke at great length and with great passion about their earliest pioneering experiences in the county.

Our lives have changed greatly over the years and the Old Settlers' Days Festival continues to evolve as well. What remains constant however, is our festival is a celebration and tribute to the pioneering spirit of our earliest Washington County Settlers.

The Story of Tecumseh by Dr. Stephen Warren

Dr. Stephen Warren, Professor of History at the University of Iowa will present The Story of Tecumseh on Saturday at 2:30pm.

As a specialist in American Indian history, Dr. Warren is committed to increasing knowledge of American Indian communities. Dr. Warren recently was appointed to help with an effort by the Ohio Historical Society (OHS) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to increase and share knowledge about Midwestern Native American tribes with community college educators.

Dr. Warren is the author of the book The Shawnees and Their Neighbors, 1795-1870, Warren has also published a number of articles on American Indians in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He is proudest of his work with the Miami and Absentee Shawnee tribes, for whom he is a historical consultant.

The frontier is alive and well in Washington County!

What would Old Settlers Days be if we didn’t mention all the amazing demonstrations and music happening at the village?  Saturday and Sunday we have invited a number of musicians into the village including the Corydon Dulcimer Society, fiddlers, mandolin players and more.  There will be a featured stage near the village for performers who wish to make use of it and as always the church is open for inspired music and improvisation.   Please feel free to grab your instrument and head on down too as we would be glad to have you!   Our Blacksmiths, soap makers, spinners, chair cainers, toy makers, fur trappers, gun smiths, frontier distillers, town criers, flint knappers, snake oil salesmen, storekeepers, yeomen farmers, scrimshaw artists, carvers and more are back this year to share our collective history with you  as well as our town mayor George Beck and some new additions including our old time barber Spud Shocke and even an undertaker and doctor!


Local Storytelling on the Village Green

Join us Saturday evening at 7:00 PM for an intimate night of storytelling around the campfire.  Jeremy Elliot and Alan Bishop as well as special guests will relate local bear stories, ghost stories and more!  Have something you want to share?  Please come down and let us know all about it!

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